Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

Home is having a roof over your head and having a safe place for you. Keeping food the right temperature if it isn’t then it will go bad and you might get sick. Have a safe place you’ll be happy there and anytime. Be relaxed don’t be stressed out and just be yourself and you don’t have to change who or what you are just be safe and relax there’s nothing wrong with you. You need to sleep with a home same with the temperature. If you’re not the right temperature you might freeze or be burning hot if you have a home you’ll be the right temperature. Home is like having a fireplace nice and cozy. Be happy being you. Have a home be safe be who you want to be. It’s not up to your friends its up to you make your own choices even when your friends are trying to help it’s still your choices to make. Make sure you made the best choice If you don’t it might go wrong. That is what home is kind of is.