Grade 5


Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is that you feel safe and secure. Home is that you have food on the table. It is where parents and guardians are supportive and comforting. It is where siblings can have fun and play.

A home is important to me because it keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A home is where family and friends can gather on special occasions or just for visits. I love my home because it has plenty of space to play with my brother and sister and pets. I also love it because it is a nice, quiet space to do homework, read or watch a movie.

My home has a large yard to play with my siblings and pets and get exercise. The deck is very big and has a table and benches to eat on or play a board game. The deck is attached to the porch where the dogs go if they are wet and want to go in the house. Outside is where I go if I am stressed, upset, angry or sad. It helps me calm down.

My favorite places in my home are my bedroom because it`s a place where I can be alone and do homework or just play. I also like the living room because it`s a very relaxing place to be. I love the kitchen too, because if someone is cooking something, it smells so good, especially when you`re hungry!

That is my meaning of home. I hope that you enjoyed it.