Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of home


When I go home from a tiring day of school I burst through the door. I Feel safe and warm at home.
When I’m home I feel sleepy and relaxed. I feel happy when I’m home like that when I’m home.I am dry and warm when im inside home.home is safe to me and its safe to everyone.

I enjoy being home because i like to stay dry, able to eat at home, stay nice and warm, able to sleep and relax. I enjoy having a home when I’m tiried hungry and cold I can be warm. Home is a place to enjoy your life. Home is a really lucky place to be in. Home is a sweet place to live and being in a home is nice.

Home is a place where you can play with your family. Home is like a restaurant but you don’t have to pay.
Home is a really safe place to be in for you and your family. Home is a place to be happy in a to be safe.
Home is a really fun place to be in and to enjoy. Home is what you live in, sleep in, and eat.

Home is a nice and fun and warm place to be in. Home will be the only place to live in.
Home is a place to have some sleep and relaxation. Home is where you have visitors and guests.
Home is where you can play games and have fun with each other.

I enjoy being home because: you get to eat and sleep and relax.
Home is the place you get raised in. Home will always love you. Home is a fun place to live in. Home is a lovable place to live in.

Home is a wonderful place to enjoy and relax. Home will ever a place to eat and sleep. Home is a comfy and warm sometimes cold place to be in. Home is a safe place for your kids to live in. Home is the best place ever.