Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of home

The meaning of home to me home means fun and laughter no matter how rough your day. My brother and me love my home and have fun everybody should be able to live happily and live fun. It is where you come to rest and eat everybody should be able to eat. I think we should respect those people who don’t have the money for a comfortable home or food water or love. The most warming thing is to see someone getting a home when they don’t have one it melts my heart. They need clothes comfortable and soft winter comes no shelter no home and no love. But we can all help even by donating a dollar or 2 (or in this case 10) we can all make a big difference in your community and across the globe. Soon there will be homes food and clothes for everyone but people have to be aware and be way more aware but for now we can help as a community. When you’re out and about, think he or she needs a home they can’t stay here so if you’re reading this be more aware and tell other people to be more aware. It is a very important life skill even at 87 or 5 years old so help each other and your community.

By Joshua