Grade 5


Meaning of home

A home is a place to share and care. Where cuts and bruises heal. To sleep in a bed. To have clean clothes . To dream what you want you dream. To play games. To say your first word and take your first step. To spend time with your family and friends. Spend holidays together. To lay or sit on all the furniture. To cuddle your pets when watching scary movies. To act like you are 2 even if you are 69. You can still have a home no matter how old or young you are. At the end of the day when you put your feet up in a new or old home, you still have a home.

It hurts me to say this but you and I know that not every one has a home or at least not a safe home and I want to make a difference to the world and give everyone a safe home. It needs to happen sooner then later, I want to make that difference.

This may not be much but it is true to me.