Grade 5

Grande Prairie

Meaning of home

‘Meaning of home

Home, I think home is a comforting place, where you can be different and no one will judge you. Home is a place where all of your secrets stay. Home is a place you feel peace,you feel joy, and you feel loved. I love home because most of my family is there,they are always with me.Home is a place where even if you don’t understand your homework you can always ask mom or dad for help. Home is a place you can always tell your hurt feelings or bad days. Home is a perfect place to be any time at all no matter what the problem is. Home is a place where you can play with your puppy and friends too. Home is an amazing place for everyone to be. A home is a place where everyone should feel loved and safe. I am so lucky to have a beautiful home and not having to move all the time. In my home i have two dogs one is mine and one is the family dog. I also have two parents a mom and a dad ( i know im lucky), but in all the house is the building and the home, is the feeling.
I know i’ m lucky to have a home, but sometimes it’s not easy because i don’t have one home i have two because my parents are separated. But all at the some time it’s double the love which is pretty awesome. I hope that all the people in canada find a home.