Grade 6


Meaning of Home

My home means everything to me!
Where I live and where I sleep.
Cooking something YUMMY in the kitchen, and then burning our tongues together!
It is also where I play with my little fuzzy cat.
We still remember our cat who died, who is still buried in our backyard.
Biking to school with my friend who doesn’t live that far away.
Writing stories on the laptop or the computer, does it really matter?
Swinging on the swing dad made is really fun, but rarely painful!
Going to the park to play,
skating,snowboarding even sledding in McIvor Park
Feeling safe at home to eat, knowing that no one will take it for themselves to eat.
Knowing that I have a bed to sleep not on mud or on hay.
I have a roof not a straw above my head.
I’m safe and sound not like soldiers far from home those who miss their families.
But really I could go on forever,
How much I love my home or everyone who doesn’t have one needs one.
But all I’m really trying to say that everyone on earth needs a warm and loving home,
God I pray to you to give everyone a nice and comfy home to stay.