Grade 6

Fort Eire

Meaning of Home

Home means a lot to me. Home is a wonderful place to be in, but most people don’t have homes, so I am very thankful that I have a home and food and other things that are essential for me to live. My home is my comfort zone.When I feel sorrowful, my mom is always there to help me feel joyful. When I don’t have anyone to play with my brothers are there to play with me. I feel like I am in paradise. Home is a wonderful place to be and there’s no place like it. Home is the best thing you could ever have, and I am so glad to have a home. Home is a protective place to be. It keeps me warm when I am cold. It keeps me cold when it’s hot. Even though your house isn’t that good, but at least it protect you from any harm, such as storms and much more. Many people don’t have a home, so you’re lucky to have a home and don’t take it for granted. So please thank your parents for buying you a house to live and to protect you.