Grade 6

fort erie

Meaning of Home

To me home means a place where I can be myself.

Home is a place you can feel loved cared and safe.you have brothers and sister that care for you and you care for them. You listen to your parents and how bad they are you always listen to them. You clean after yourself and your messes. Home is where you eat dinner and you live and be nice. If you have a pet you care for them you pet them.
Home is a place to appreciate what you have and listen to our people and do not fight with your brothers and sisters. To be thankful for what you have and you have somewhere you sleep and have a roof over your head, to say I love you and goodnight.

You say thank you after someone gives you something. I’m not scared of the outside and my parents keep me safe and love for my brothers and sisters. That is what home means to me.