Grade 6

Fort Erie

Meaning of Home

Help. I feel that home means that you will always receive help when you need it. Help from your loved ones that surround you in you home. Help when you feel discomforted. Help when you are hurt or scared. Help when you have a bad dream and need love to comfort you. Help when you are going through tough times at school. You can always go home.

Only one. I feel that there is only one of your family, and only one home you can go to. You have only one home, and in there is your only family that takes care of you, and loves you. There is only one home, that keeps you from snow, rain, and cold weather. Only one place that you can call home. One place that you can go to stay forever.

Mom and dad. I feel that Home means that your mom and dad will always be there for you and support you always. Your mom and dad will take care of you, by feeding you and giving you warmth. Home is where you mom and dad tuck you in and kiss you goodnight. Your mom and dad give you a house and love you.

Everlasting. I feel home means that the love is everlasting, and that it will never end. I feel that my mom and dad will be at my house and loving me and that the joy and happiness is everlasting. I feel that when I go to bed every night, that I will be safe, and my dreams are everlasting. Home is where I am not scared and feel protected.

Home is Home.