Grade 5


Maria L. The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
By Maria L.
Home is much more than shelter. Home means a loving family. A loving family loves you like their absolute favorite food! They take care of you when you’re a baby, a child, a preteen, a teen, a young adult and maybe even sometimes an adult! A memorable family makes the best memories you’ve ever had! You celebrate magnificent holidays with your unique family. Every family is acceptable and superb. Celebrate the New Year and talk about what you’re going to do this year. Say thank you to everyone that helped you. Share your Halloween candy with your brothers and sisters, they are family too! Remember the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom and feel their courage within you. One of your ancestors might have fought for us too. If so, remember every single bit of their bravery right before they left to fight. Exchange gifts on Christmas. Maybe even set up a Christmas tree and hang ornaments! There is no such thing as a pleasant birthday without your family! No one is better than your family, trust me.