Grade 6


Maia’s Meaning Of Home

Home is a different meaning for everyone. To me home should be loving and caring. In other parts of the world it can be the opposite of what home should be to me. I believe the most important meanings of home are shelter, a loving family, and warmth.

First, my home protects me and my family from precipitation. Home gives me a safe place to sleep. I feel safe and comfortable in my home being myself. Some people who are poor have homes made from sticks and mud. When it rains, it leaks through the roof. When they go to bed people might not feel safe.

Secondly, my family is always by my side. Whenever I do not feel safe, I’ll tell my parents and they will give me comfort and love. My dog gives me relief after a hard day and lots of love. There are people who don’t have a good family. Their parents could be fighting, others could never see their dad. There are people who can’t get a dog. Those people might never know what a great companion dogs can be.

Lastly, my home is always warm and cozy. The word home gives me confidence and hope, that I’ll always have warm meals and clean water. There are places where kids work all day, bringing buckets of water to their homes.There are people who have to go days without eating.

Home to me means shelter, a loving family, and warmth. To other people
it could mean the exact opposite, or they might think their home is safe. I hope you’ll make the word home as valuable as I have. “It takes hands to build a house but only hearts can build a home.”