Grade 6

New Maryland
New Brunswick

Love of Home

Love of Home
CRANK! The bus stops at my neighbors house. I see my greenish greyish house, my eyes light up with excitement. I sprint as quickly as i can to my house. PLOP I drop my things in my mud room and hop up the stairs. Home sweet home I say.
Home to me is a place I can be myself . It’s a place where my parents and siblings are. A cozy , loving and caring place. My home is where I make my memories. It’s somewhere I get to have Christmas , Easter , Thanksgiving , Birthdays and much more.
I’m thankful that I get to wake up every morning in my warm blue sheets. Everyday I get to have delicious meals. When I’m home I can release all the stress off of me. I’m happy that I live in a home with loving and caring people. I love my home.
Unfortunately not everyone has a home. There are many homeless people in the world. These homeless people probably had lots of issues that they couldn’t handle. I can’t even think of me being homeless. Some people think that homeless people chose to be without a home. I don’t think that anybody wants to be homeless. They probably regret the choices they made in the past and try to change however they can.
My opinion is that everyone should have a cozy warm home, somewhere they can make memories. I know that homeless people have made bad decisions in the past. I think that we should be helping the homeless. People should be thinking of what homeless people have to go through everyday. Imagine if you had to go threw sleeping on cement, having no food and not having a shelter to keep you warm.