Grade 4


Love + House = Home

Home is a lot more than a house. A home is comfortable place. A house could be just a rusty, dusty, disgusting, dirty, old, burnt down building. A home is a caring place that you are loved and safe in. Home is as comfortable as a pillow. A house can be anything. A home is a special thing. It makes me sad just thinking about someone without a home. I bet it makes everyone sad.

Home is where you make memories. Some are sad and some are happy. A sad memory is when my dog died. A happy memory was on Christmas day, it was fun. Home is where memories grow.

Home is a place you need to depend on. You can’t always depend on a house, you need a home. You need a home to live in. Home is a safe place you can go to. If you just have a house you should make it a home.

Home is a happy place. You should be happy that you have a home. Some people don’t have a home. You should be comfortable and loved. Where should you be running to if you’re sad? Home.

I entered this contest because I saw people that were homeless on the streets in Vancouver. I want to give the money to Vancouver. I hope that the person or family that gets it is happy.