Grade 5


Love. Happy. Care. Fun

Love. Happy. Care. Fun. It’s my home. My home is one place… a special place. I never feel alone in my home. People take care of me. They keep me secure. My home is made with love and memories… not with wood and bricks. It’s where love blooms. My mum tucks me in every night. I always get hugs and kisses. Everyone should have a home. My home is a place I can dance, sing and grow. No one will stop me from playing. I drew on the walls, the floor, and made (and make) memories. Sometimes I have a stormy day but your family makes it better. My home means everything to me. It’s where my heart lives. Nothing will separate me from my home. Home is where I can spend every minute of my life. I live there, my parents, and my pets as well. A house might be the structure… but a home is what’s inside. A home is what makes a heart. My home is the best! It’s a place I will never forget!!!