Grade 6


Love Flying Through The Air

Who thought that a home is that cozy and wonderful!
Entering the kitchen you smell the sweet Christmas cookies being baked. A mother standing by the wooden counter baking quietly while her daughter does her homework. Her son comes in and starts a conversation. Talking and laughing together you can feel the love flying through the air!
What has a fireplace and rocking chairs? You guessed it… it is the living room! Chatting about mothers and fathers childhood everyone is busy knitting, crocheting, or playing with cars, while the fire does a funny dance. Before everyone goes to bed the father takes the family bible to read. Listening quietly to the story of how Jesus was born, you can feel the love flying through the air!
Cozy, comfortable, and safe the 2 daughters feel as they happily jump into their bedroom which is decorated with bright pink wallpaper and a neatly made bed. It is morning in the house. Cheerfully the sisters jump out of bed to look outside. Sparkling snow they see. To the kitchen they both run that smells like fresh bread and coffee. They then gobble up their breakfast and race to the closet. After that, they energetically slip into their winter jackets and jump into their ski pants. Finally they slowly go outside like detectives looking for snow! Finally they see fluffy white snow. Joyfully they jump into it. Later their father comes out to drive them with the quad pulling the sleigh. Taking turns with squeals and laughter you can feel the love flying through the air.
That is what home means to me!