Grade 5


Love And Dreams

Love and Dreams

A house is built with love and dreams. You get water to drink and food to eat. Home is a place where you learn new things like math, to read, and how to write. Let’s share this with the people who need a home, a home that is kind and caring. Home is where you sleep, eat and be free.

At home you feel warmth and you believe in your dreams. You can feel cozy with family, friends, and pets. At home you help, and family helps if you need it. Love is in the air at all times, it’s there when you need it and to comfort you. You can play with family,friends and pets. Someone is always there no matter what.

At home you have a backyard to get dirty, have plays with puppets, and you can chase the dog and have the dog chase you. You get sweet treats and people are sweet and so are you. At home your parents give you toys,blankets, and small dolls. Friends come to your home and you play with the toys like dolls, puppets, race cars, and toy planes. At home you have clean air to breath in and out.

Your pets are there for you no matter what. They will make you not so scared when you are, and help you take adventure to new places together.

Let’s help others get a home to experience what we do in our homes. So share what you have with others, to let them feel what you feel. So let’s build a home for people who need one, always helping others.