Grade 5


Life is your home

Life is your home
Home is a place where you live its not a house, home can be anywhere you want it to be. A house is a building sometime people hate their house because it not a home to them. Home you cry fight and love your family have fun with your family.

Home is a place where you express your self and express your feeling. I express myself by doing the things I love and I will not STOP doing it!!!!

It’s sad how people that don’t have homes when I see people that are homeless I cry because it’s just not right. But when I see people that give the homeless money I fell happy for them because they can do stuff with the money that will help them.

A home can be with a person alone inside yourself a home is a nice place to live in I just want to be there forever and have freedom play with my friends and be with my family. When my mom left me for 1 week I had to stay with my aunt house it was hard because I was not at home but I got over it.

I like to hang out with my friends at school and play with them at recess I also like soccer we like have 1 shot to score on my friend but we have ruff time sometimes but we get over it.