Grade 5


Leo- Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
Home, something amazing that some may want. Some people don’t have one yet and some already do. It is where families are born and memories are made. You cherish all your memories through many years.When I am there it is sometimes chilly and frosty or hot and steamy. Emotional events soar through my brain. Sometimes tears will drizzle down my face or I might rage. If you are sad at home don’t forget about the holidays! All of those holidays you have at home, you will always remember. There are sometimes good and bad times but home will always keep you safe. You will always feel safe and confident with some of the others that live with you.Sometimes relatives pass away but you will always feel happy in this special place. Wait, but what would it be like if you had no home. You would be sad and lonely with no comfort of a home. You’d feel sick with no company. You will never feel happy. You might think you are, but you aren’t until you got a home. Why have a house when you don’t have a home. So yeah’, … that’s it, so hopefully one day we will break the cycle of poverty.