Grade 6

New Maryland
New Brunswick


Ryan Maurice
November 4 2016
I feel like home once I reach Fredericton. My capital of Fredericton is the regent mall.
The mall is my favourite place to go. I like the arcade,Movies and getting other things. My new home is Fredericton ever since my dad died in Mindemoya, Ontario.

Every day I wake up early to catch my school bus. The bus takes me to my school, Bliss Carman Middle School. After the school day is done I’m so glad to come home from an exhausting day. I like to eat first while checking the sports stats on my Ipod. Sometimes I watch television and other times I play hockey.

I am thankful for my family and living in Fredericton. When we have family gatherings it is the best. We all go to my grammie’s place. My family Mom, Tiger, Brianna, Kati, Robert, Abby and Pumpkin. I like my family so much I could not bare to lose them.

I like Christmas because everyone puts up decorations. I love all the joy. I also like in joy picking a pumpkin for Halloween. And when I try to find my Easter eggs for Easter that is really fun. Thanksgiving is awesome last thanksgiving we added a new member to our family Pumpkin Lory Aker (the bunny)

I’m really lucky to have this family. I’m extremely grateful to live in New Brunswick. I use to live in Ontario. Now I live here in Fredericton where all my memories lie. This is my home.