Grade 5


Jayda-Meaning of home

The Meaning of Home

One peaceful morning, I wake up to meet a beautiful blue bird singing so sweet this is my home I thought to myself, with birds, flowers and grass soft as silk..All of a sudden the joy was lost , I see my mother down the stairs and ask her why there was a man out there, she said he was homeless, cold and stiff, he had no home no place to sleep in. I ran upstairs and thought of a plan to help this homeless man, after some time I knew what I must do . I grabbed some paper, eraser and pen and got to work on my amazing plan I made a poster with two sides one said home and the other house. I thought of the man I saw outside and wrought this for him…
Home is a place where everything is right, where everything safe everyday, ,everynight . Home is where you should be with family and friends and hope.
As I finished the poster I turned on my computer looking for a chance to help stop homelessness . Finally I found a sight oh how it brought such light . It was called Habitat for Humanity this one sight had a thing I could do it was a writing contest . My plan is to try that’s all that matters and to help these people get in a home on a frosty Night . This is why I write this poem to save these people tonight .
Home is a place where i am safe
Home is a place where i am loved
Home is a place where i can cry
And a place that i belong

I submitted my poem and said a prayer of will they change the bill of fare , please let’s make a change and stop homelessness.

-Habitat for humanity builds one house every 5.5 minutes
-Over 735,000 children live in conditions core of housing need 2011 stat
-64,000 volunteers work with Habitat for Humanity in Canada every year