Grade 6


It’s time to help

It’s Time to Help

Home is like a cushion, when you get in it you feel safe and comfortable.
Your house is just a building, but your home is where you belong, it’s where I belong.
I knew someone who once said people who live in poverty are people with no lives, and I believed that for a long time. Then I read more and more books about poverty, and that completely changed my aspect of things. I used to think that people who live in poverty were people who were dirty and weird, awful smelling people who had no lives. But now I feel so, so, so bad that I thought kind people like that were all those bad things. Really they’re harmless people who have lost a lot and we’re just making it worse by not helping them. It’s time for the more fortunate people of the world to help those who simply need a hand up, a chance a fresh start.