Grade 6

New Brunswick

It’s Home Time

Have you ever stopped to think what home means to you? Have you ever even realized that home is a special place? Well I have. Now I feel I’ve been taking it for granted .To have a roof over my head after a long miserable week of school it feels so heartwarming to know there’s someone to come home to or take care of you .some where’s you can feel every emotion .
However the thought of having no home give’s a shiver down my spine. But when you were a little kid you might of thought everybody has a home. Sadly that’s not the case for some people. There are hundreds of homeless people on the streets right now. Who knows why there homeless? You may think that they don’t have any money or family. Just cause there homeless dose‘t mean theve always been homeless.
In addition I don’t know how I would feel not coming home to a warm meal after school. Especially coming home from a tiring week of school. Cause home is my happy place you know when people tell you to think of your happy place when you’re trying to relax, well home is where I think of. For me home is full of happy times and rough spots in life. But most of all my family is the main part of my home all four of us savoring every last good moment not the bad ones. You may think my home is perfect listening or reading me talk about well it’s not my family has a couple of dents to. It can get cinda stressful sometimes but we always make up.
Therefore imagine you could have it all taken away in a matter of hours, minutes or even seconds. Until now I’ve realized not to take my family or home for granted. For me and probably a lot of people home is one of my favorite places to be or go. During terrible storms or hurricanes I always safe when I’m in my house with my family. Who could forget hurricane Arthur I sure don’t .That morning when it started I went to turn my lights on and the power was out I was so disappointed but it just brought us closer together.
I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a home and a family . A warm meal on the table is just what I need in life. During storms with four walls and a roof to protect us from the terrible weather. Who knows how hard it would be to be outside during all of that. After all of this the one thing I hope you take is, love your home enjoy it no matter what happens you still have a family. How would you feel if you were in the cold?