Grade 5

St. Catharines

It Is A Nice Home

My dogs Charlie and Bella are so fun to play with. My dog Charlie he is so funny. “Charlie what are you doing? Hey give me my sock back! Drop it – hey get back here now! Drop it! I will give you a cookie if you drop it. Good boy.” Do you want to know why he likes to carry things because he carries a blanket around. Charlie’s nickname is Charlie McBumberSnazzle. He loves his home so much because we give some of our food. My other dog Bella who is also a golden retriever is half his size but she is the boss. Bella loves living here. She and Charlie have a dog bed. But Bella sleeps with my brother . Now about my brother. He is 12 years old he loves hockey. I like hockey to. I have a hockey net. Me and him practice our hockey shots. He loves his home he sleeps with Bella. Now about me I love home so much we have so many things in my home it is a nice home.Now about my mom is so nice she is so good at baking.She loves her home sooo much.Now about my dad he is a good cook he is soo nice. And merry Christmas P.S thank you.