Grade 6


It all starts with you

It All Starts With You

One day a boy watched tv and an add popped up about homeless people and the boy searched it up on his laptop that he got for his birthday after reading and reading he said to himself that they need help and so later that day at dinner he asked his dad and said how can i help his day said help what the boy said the men and women kids and babies with no home no dinner no laptops for birthdays of dinner with leftovers

the best they get are loonies and toonies a day with barely a pay his dad ok ok you can help in many ways like fundraising donating or a dollar a day but i want to do more give them homes and families give a second chance in life to help them live happily and live for a long time but that hard to do as a kid these people have been living on the roads for a long long time sad to say we may never get homeless people of the roads

it’s sad and it’s true then the next day they went to the city to give food to the foodless and blankets to the cold but at the end of the the day the boy was in tears of a trash for a sadness he cried and cried but his dad said what’s rung what is rung the boy said he was sad because of all the men and women kids and babies with no homes

no warm hot chocolate and no fire place to lay down beside instead the get rags and cans and a trashs for a bed so sad so sad his dad said but think of all the people we can help if we all work together we can win we can stop people from living on
the stiet but it all starts with you.!!!