Grade 5



Home is place where you can get inspired by people you look up to like my Dad and my best friend Sidney. A home and a house are very different from each other. A house is somewhere you live in and buy, but you can’t buy memories, you make them. Home for me is when y family goes camping at Lilac with friends and family. When we go camping it makes me feel exhilarated. I most love it when the sun is starting to go down and start to near crickets while I sleep. But my favourite part of camping is when my family foes to the water park and on the waterslides and sitting at the table talking, laughing and eating. Then when we are at the trailer I think to myself ‘what was my favourite part of our day?’ You can help and give a family a house for them to treasure all of their memories for them to hold on for the rest of their lives by just using your words, you donate $10. Help them treasure their memories, they will make. I know my home is glorious.