Grade 6


In Our Warm Log Home

In our warm log home there is a wondrous living room full of love and laughter. The living room is where your family gathers to love and share.
In our warm log home the kitchen smells of chocolate chip cookies or of breakfast. We have our artwork and magnets all over the fridge.
In our warm log home we eat in a dining room and we discuss what we did that day. We talk about our week and eat our food each day.
In our warm log home everyone has their own, we have our interests everywhere, our posters and books. Yes you guessed it it’s our bedrooms.
Outside our warm log home we have a yard where we run around play hide and seek and have barbeques. We watch the glowing sunset and play catch until we are ready to take a rest.
In our warm log home our basement owns our warm, comfy fall-into couch. We quietly watch movies together on family movie night, with a blazing hot fire in the fireplace.
In our warm log home the bathroom is the best place to bathe, do your hair and put on your underwear. After you are done your shower the mirror gets particularly foggy, then once your done you are ready to start the day
I hope your home is as special to you as mine is special to me.