Grade 6



A home is where your imprint begins. These imprints are left in the home, in your heart and then in the world.

The outside of a home is built with strong bricks which keep the home secure. Likewise, the home’s inside is filled with the moments spent together with your family that provide security and strength. I can leave an imprint on my family and my family leaves those same imprints on my heart—while cooking recipes in the kitchen, waiting to be tucked into my cozy bed, when painting my home and making it my own, or even when planting a colourful garden.

To me, the building of a home begins from the inside to the outside. It is with this strength and foundation, that I can leave an impression on the outside world—an opportunity to make a difference. I can leave an imprint on you and you can leave an imprint on me. But it is the home that leaves the first imprints on us all. These impressions give us love, memories and the knowledge that your home and family will always be there.

One brick at a time builds a house.
One memory at a time builds a home.
The imprints left on a home will slowly make their way out to the world from my heart into the hearts of others.

It all starts with a home…