Grade 6

New Brunswick

Im Finally Home

I’m finally home
I’m rolling down my window to feel the nice refreshing breeze after a tiring dance class. My face is bright red and my hair is a complete mess. As we’re driving by a store I see a homeless man and I think to myself I wonder how it feels to not have a home and remind myself how lucky I am to have a home that makes me feel safe, loved and where no one will judge me. Have you ever thought what the meaning of home is to you?
When I get home, I’m starving and I ask my mom where’s supper she says it is being made. 10 minutes later “is supper almost ready?” I say. Finally after a couple more minutes our supper is ready! We’re having hamburgers tonight, my favourite!
As I bite into my delicious burger I think of the man I saw earlier and how he must feel going days maybe even weeks without eating. I feel bad for him he didn’t want to be like this and it probably wasn’t his choice.
I wonder how it feels to see people coming in and out of stores nicely dressed, kids, cars and a family that loves and cares for them. I wonder what his meaning of home would be? The meaning of home to me means where I can put my hair in a messy bun put sweatpants on and relax.
It also means where everybody is accepted for who they are and if you are big or small tall or short and no one will judge you. Where we help each other and love each other! It also means to me where memories are shared and a lot of laughter. Happy times and sad times. Where we argue but in the end we are family and we all love each other a lot.
Just before I close my eyes my Mom comes in and turns on my light. She hugs me and kisses me goodnight. After she was gone I thought to myself how she makes me feel loved and safe. I pull up my blankets and get comfortable. I hear a big gust of wind and the trees swaying. It must be so cold outside. The man I saw earlier must be freezing to death. The next time you are lying in bed remind yourself how lucky you are to have a house, a bed, food but above all a family that loves you because you never know, tomorrow you could be out on the street. Never take anything for granted. Have you ever thought of how lucky you are?