Grade 6


I Wish

BANG! I hear a bag crashing in a truck at a home .
“I wish we had a home,” exclaimed Jack.
“Me too,” Erin mumbled. “Mom and dad can’t
afford a house.”
“I know,” said Jack.
“But you know my friend Nicole,” said Erin. “Yes she bought a house with almost 100 people. There’s 7 houses left and she said that there only $80. And we would have enough money left to buy food.”
“Good idea Erin. Let’s go tell mom and dad.”

“Ok. Mom said that we still couldn’t afford the apartment . But why can’t we afford the house with 100 people. Well there is water and electricity+more bills so we can’t afford the apartment…”

“Let’s go phone grandma maybe she can let mom,dad, me ,jack go live with her let’ s phone 403-246-1798. Hi grandma can we come live with you. Yes we can. Thanks grandma lets go and tell mom and dad. What your dad is coming to ? yes i thought you knew i did knot that you dad was coming. Thanks love you by.MOM DAD grandma said that we can go live with her. That’s great. Even dad? Yes great.” Jack, Erin, Mom and Dad lived happily ever after.