Grade 5


I Wish I had A Home

Every night, before I close my eyes and fall asleep, I think to myself about different things. Sometimes I think about sweet things like what it would be like if I had a pet unicorn. But tonight was different. Tonight I thought about something not happy. Tonight I thought about what it would be like if I didn’t have a home.

After a hard day trying to find shelter I stroll back “home”,for now it’s a cardboard box. Before I step inside, I realize all the cuts, nicks, and lacerations on the bottom of my feet! I step into the box and feel the cold rain water in the bottom of it from today’s storm and the blood rushes away. After dumping out the water into a Tim Horton’s coffee cup to drink for later, I crawl into the damp box and cozy up for warmth. Hopefully tomorrow I can find a real house because this will never do.

Then I stop thinking about how awful it would be and start thinking about how many people don’t have homes and how we need to help them. I have big plans…