Grade 6

New Brunswick

I Smell Morning

Meep-Meep-Meep-Meep! My alarm clock just stood there looking at me. Meep-Meep I finally turn it off but the echo is still my head. I get up make my fluffy bed, get change and eat breakfast. My family gets up and asked me why you were up at 5:45? I said I did not want to be late (as I’m brushing my yucky teeth). They say but you have to be there by 8:25, I know I say sadly and happily I thought it was going to be easy, but No Way!

Finally I’m at school and its 3:09 (school gets out at 3:10). RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, goes the bell. Atlast, school is done. I get on bus 92. I want to go home I think. Finally i’m home, Mom asks me how was school? Tiring, stressful and difficult I say (where did my summer go?). All I want to do is stay home on my couch or in my bed while watching hockey or reading. I plop in to my bed and think of all the amazing moments in life and in this home. I think what family is about and how lucky I am, I feel safe here with my family.

A home has everting you want like a TV or a bed. When I get out of bed I want to watch the Montreal Canadian’s beat Toronto while sitting on big warm couch. Then, its supper time and I WANT PIZZA! Please pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, nope just a boring piece of steak but I bet that someone would find a steak just as good as a pizza (or better). Hey dad Montreal beat Toronto 99-0 I say. After, I go in the bath (just like it was an everyday everyone thing). It was so warm! Then I think maybe someone only gets a bath weekly. Finally, I plop in bed again ZzzZzzZzzZ.

My home is safe I think as I get out of bed. I want breakfast I think. The smell is so good of fresh porridge but not everyone gets the chance to smell it. I wonder are they safe? Just think there on the streets sometimes freezing while sleeping on benches, searching for money to get food I feel bad for the homeless, they could have families too. My house has walls, a floor and a roof, with heaters inside. It’s hard to break into my house. I can’t even imagine what’s it’s like to have no home. Do you know anyone homeless? What do you think if they had a little house? Would they be happy?

I finished my porridge. Now I’m going to school. I want to stay home today I say to myself. Did you ever have a day where you wanted to stay home? What does home mean’s to you?