Grade 6

New Brunswick

I love my life

I Like My Life

Slurp, slurp, slurp the wet and warm feeling of my dog licking my nose and slowly moving up to my ear wakes me up with tickles down my spine. With the soothing sound of my mother whispering to me “Eric, buddy, wake up.” I slowly sit up lean over and pet my dog. I move the blankets over, get up high on my knees and wrap my arms around my mom and whisper “good morning”. She says “Good Morning” back. I jump out of my bed with a big loud thump. I open my dresser as my mother walks out of the room, turns on the light and shuts the door. I slip on my socks one by one, and then get dressed. I’m ready for the day. I charge over to my door, calling my dog. She jumps off my bed and I can hear her nails scratching the ground as she runs over 3….2…1… I whip open the door. … whoosh “Race ya, Maggie!!!!”””

Its warm in my house, in the mornings the lights are dim. Its pretty quiet and calm… unless we are late for the bus. After eating a filling breakfast we pack our bags, hug our parents good by and head out to the bus. I stop and pet my puppy’s soft fluffy head. She sits up heigh in the window and sadly watches us leave for the day. I hear my friends laughing and talking at the bus stop. As I get closer, they greet me. I like that I have lots of friends in my neighborhood. We are excited for the end of the day so we can play in the court.

Thinking about it now, I feel very lucky to have a loving, family to put me in to lots of sports, food in my fridge and a roof over my head.

I look forward to coming home. I take the bus home its hot but I like to talk with my friends. I also like getting home 20 minutes before my sister Anna. When I hop off my bus and run to my house, I see my dog Maggie in the front lawn excitingly jumping that I’m home. When I go to her, kneel and try to pet her, she jumps on me, knocks me over and pummels me with kisses, “I’m happy to be home too Maggie!”

When I get home, I let Maggie inside, I follow her inside. It smells good. I drop my book bag on the floor and hear my mom say “How was your day?” I reply “Good, how was yours?” I walk into the dining room, sit down with my snack in front of me, yogurt and fruit…. My moms on the phone she’s asking my grandma if she can come for supper. My grandma arrives with my sister right behind her “hey, Meema” I say “Hi Eric” she says.

My Grandparents stay for supper, sometimes we eat there or at my grammy’s. I’m glad I have family that lives close by. I’m also grateful for food and family, I know some people don’t have either.

Food is important for growing up, your health and definitely if you play four or five sports a week. Some kids don’t get to play sports for different reasons, for instance my dad didn’t get to play much sports growing up, yet he puts me in camps all the time. He’s always in the stands. He is very enthusiastic, but he doesn’t stand a chance against my mom… “Go Eric Go! Move the Puck!!”

After long exhausting day on the ice, field, or in school, I still almost never want to go to bed, but after I write in my new gratitude journal snug and warm in my bed, and when my head hits the pillow, I’m out…. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Catching some z’s to be ready for the next day.