Grade 5


I Call This Place My Home

I call this place my home…
When I was little I lived in a home.
When I was little, I did not have a lot of memories now I do.
To me a house is not the same as a home.
It’s just a place to keep stuff, no pictures.
Not a lot of people to love, it’s just a place. To me, a home is more important. Like putting up your Christmas tree, opening and giving presents, birthdays, cookouts, laughing, having fun and having family over. It’s more than just a place you have memories, family photos and people to love. You have people or pets – you’re not just alone.
It’s like a cat with fur. Think of it like a home – the fur is like decoration, the stuff inside it is like memories.
In a home you learn to crawl, walk, eat and run.
A home is a place to laugh, love, smile, cry, to let go and to welcome.
That’s why all people should have a home.
That why I have a home.
That’s why you should have a home.
That’s why I call this place my home.