Grade 5

British Columbia

I Am Alone

I am a girl. I think I am eleven. The last time I celebrated my birthday, I think I was six. I love under a bridge. I get my food from the dumpster. The best place to go is behind Thrifty Foods. Sometimes I find a scrap of meat or bread. It is good but I would prefer a better place to love so I didn’t have to beg for a place to stay in the Winter time. If I had a home I would have parents who would love me. It would be easy to make food. I would go to school. My family and I would sleep in warm beds. Maybe we might even have a fireplace with fire crackling with warmth and happiness.

But I’m not in a home with my family or with food or with a fire or with love. I’m alone.

Dear reader, I hope you remember this story and share a little food or a little warmth with those people who don’t have a home.