Grade 6


How to Make a Home

The parts of a home:
-A home’s foundations support you in life
-It’s roof keeps you safe from the rain clouds of sadness around you
-The walls of a home shut out all of your worries
-The family beside you in a home keeps you going and is there for you
-The memories of good times and bad that you will cherish and learn from

What you will need to create a home:
-A heart

It’s that simple. Homes are a place that give you a sense of security. Homes simply need people that you love and they love you back. No need for hands or tools!
There is a home for everyone in this world and everyone’s is unique. It may take some time but you will eventually learn to make the perfect one. So good luck and don’t forget, the road to building a home may be a bit bumpy, but full of adventure and joy.