Grade 6

British Columbia

How Lucky We Are To Have A Home

A home is a place where you can have parties and fun.You can laugh and love with your friends and family and cherish the moments that once were done.

A home is a place where you can look out your window as the rain falls down, but not feel sad because you are at home to keep you warm.

A home is a place that should keep you safe at night and warm in the dark. A place that can be sad but with your family it makes you happy.

A home is built by the love in it, but sadly some people don’t have love in their home.

A home is much more to me and different to other people.

What makes a house special is the love that people give.

I can’t even imagine a life without a house.

A house doesn’t have to be nice pretty or expensive as long as you have a roof a door walls and windows. It’s not just roof over your head because there can be a roof but no walls to keep you warm and no windows to look at the rain.

A house is not a place on the streets in the cold and wet dirty city roads, that’s not a house to me.Think how hard it is for the homeless,but to the homeless that is their home.

We should all put an effort to help the homeless, the homeless should be called the houseless because a home to them is anywhere they can find shelter but they need a house to have all those things.

I can’t compare my life with theirs because I haven’t experienced a life without a home, when I see the homeless I see how lucky we are to have a home.