Grade 6

New Brunswick

How I feel at home

How I feel at home

My home is a place where I feel safe.And I feel so comfortable.How do you feel in your home
Do you feel better? or uncomfortable? or just safe like me?everyone feels different than what
you feel like so if you feel bad because someone else don’t feel like you forget about find more about my home read some more.

My home is a place where I know all of my friends and neighbors that are really nice they do a
lot for me so when I can do something I try you know all of you’re friends and relatives and neighbors if not go out side and try to make some that is how I made friends.

My home is always warm and I always have fresh water and food.Food is always on my table when I get home from school or its just supper but it is just been put there so it is always warm.

If I ever have to move out of the house I’m living in right now I will never forget the memories I have I will share them with my friends I make and I will miss my friends I will never forget them.

I have made so many friends where I live. I hope I never have to move again. But if I do i have fantastic memories to share with a new friend so that’s fine I just have to make a friend where I live when and if I ever have to move.

When i get home from school I run in the door through my bookbag on the floor and run into my bedroom to do my homework then if I have a nice amount of time I go to the park or go for a long walk around with my sisters then go home after super.

So now I’ve learned that if I ever have to move again that it will be ok I can always make new friends maybe I will be able to go to the same school if I ever have to move and keep all of my friends that I already have so never be upset to move your friends will stay with you.

Tell me how you like your home and tell me some things that you can do what do you eat for dinner?what do you do when you get home from school or from the store?what kind of things do you do or do you make friends or just how do you like school or just you’re home do you make friends where you are I make friends where I live so don’t be afraid.

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