Grade 5


Houses Aren’t Red

House’s Aren’t Just Red

“House’s aren’t just red and home’s aren’t just blue a home is a place that I can cry too.” What does a home mean to you? To me a home is my dog barking and spending quality time with my family.
A home is a place where memories are made, like when I lost my 1st tooth. A home is also a place that is very clean. A home is where you feel comfortable and where you make memories with your family.
A house is a shelter with walls, beams, stairs, emptiness, a door, windows, no memories, an outlet, a roof, a floor and a light switch. A house is just the skeleton of a home.
What is the difference between a house and a home. One has memories (home) one doesn’t (house). A home can only be made when a person or a family lives, laughs and loves together. It takes a lot longer to build a home then a house.

By Roman