Grade 6


House Vs. Home

A house isn’t full, it’s often empty,
But a home is filled with she and he.
A house is built of bricks and beams,
A home is built on family.
A house is only stuff that is seen,
A home is made of other things…
Joy, compassion, kindness, love.
It’s built solid, with things from above.

A house is just another thing on the street,
No happy laughter, or running feet.
In a home the glue is the family,
Keeping everything how it’s supposed to be…
Joyful, happy, bright…
All fear and sadness are out of sight.

Real homes can’t be replaced,
Smiles and comfort it has incased.
A house can be broken, then built again,
There is no joy that it’s let in.

Now here’s how to make a house a home
Because we all need a place to go.
Add some love,
Sprinkle in some happiness,
But hold on tight,
Because we’re not done yet!
Let’s add one cup of kindness,
Three tablespoons of smiles.
A pinch of patience, we’ll need to wait a while.
How about some laughter?
Two cups to be exact.
Oh, and the feeling of comfort,
We’re going to need that.