Grade 5


House Vs Home

Home vs house
“Home is a place where it feels comfortable to walk around without shoes.” My home is nothing special. Home is a place where you can take your shoes off with no one judging. A home is a safe place filled with love and memories. Home is safe.
I have moved before and the reason is because my mom wanted to move. I was totally against it at first. I couldn’t imagine being in a different place. The first few nights were rough but I got the hang of it and then I started to really enjoy the home. It took time, it took living. It took my family making memories.
We looked at a lot of other houses before settling on this one. Of all the other houses we looked at this one felt right to me even though I was still uncomfortable. Then I found a new hobby at that house; hockey in the basement! The basement was a lot bigger and I was able to have a lot of fun practicing!
One day after school I went to the park and saw one of my friends. He said “I live across from the school” and we noticed that we lived on the same street. His name was DYLAN and he introduced me to all of his friends then I really liked the school and the house.
Moving is tough but once you get used to things your family can make any house a home.

By Myles.