Grade 6


House Vs. Home

House vs. Home

To me, the difference between a house and a home is huge. A house is just a structure. A place where you live. A home is a place a place where you feel safe. A place with many happy memories and a place where you can feel comfortable.

One place where I feel comfortable and safe is the living room. In the living room there are pillows, blankets, couches, and a T.V, but I don’t think about those things when I think about home. I think about all of the family traditions that take place there. Like when my family hangs the Christmas stockings on the mantel in December or when we celebrate birthday parties there. Home is where love and happiness is.

Another place that feels like home to me is the kitchen. There are some things that don’t matter in there, like the stove, oven, chairs, and table, but what makes it home is all of the wonderful baking that goes on in there at Christmas time and also if there is a special occasion coming up soon. Also, all of the family dinners that take place there every night with my mom, dad, brother, and me. I think about all of the stories about how our days at school or at work as we eat all of the delicious food that my mom prepared. You can buy a house, but you can’t buy a home.