Grade 6


House vs. Home

A house and a home may seem like the same thing but in reality, they are so different. They are like a horse and a donkey: they may seem like they are the same but at the end of the day, they are completely different animals. One is just a place, the other is your life.They are both important, but one is more important. Reading this may really change your opinion.

A house is a physical place that is a building or structure that you live in and see everywhere. A house can be big or small, tidy or messy, and comes in many different shapes and colours. A house is where you have your furniture, your technology, and your clothing. It is where you eat, sleep, and play. It’s a place where you go everyday after school to do your homework, have your friends over, and relax. Now that you know what a house is, read more to find out what a home is!

A house may seem nice, but a home is so much different. Yes, a home can be a house, but it can also be so many different things. A home isn’t just a random place on a map; your home can be your actual house, a country, and this may sound crazy, but your home can even be a hockey rink! A home is a place where you have your family, your friends, and a place where you like to spend time. It’s also a place where you feel physically safe and mentally safe. It’s a place where you come up with new ideas, do your thinking, and where new stars are born. Now that you know what is different between a house and a home, I will talk about which is more important to me.

You probably never thought about which is more important to you (a house or a home) but while I was writing this, I did. For me, a home is much more important than a house for many different reasons, starting off with me having many homes. My homes are my house, Canada, Israel, and Woodbridge Arena. My house is my home because it is where my family is, sometimes my friends are there, and it is where I am loved and cared for. Canada and Israel are my homes because I spend a lot of time in Israel and it feels like I live there, and I live in Canada; therefore, it is also my home. Woodbridge Arena is also my home because it is one of the few hockey rinks that I play in almost every single weekend and I feel safe when I play hockey. Home is also more important to me because it is not just a random place, it has meaning to me. Which one is more important to you?

Now you know what the differences between a house and a home are. I hope you learned something and that you have an opinion on which is more important. You may have learned a lot, but there are so many more things about a house and a home that we both still don’t know about, so I challenge you to research more about this topic online or within you.