Grade 5


House VS Home

House VS Home
A Home and House are two different things, actually they are VERY different! A House is four walls, a floor and a roof. (Maybe an upstairs or downstairs too!)
A home isn’t just a roof and a floor with four walls you know. A HOME is where your story begins. It has your most favourite items like toys, stuffies, a bed, a kitchen, a living room and your best memories! It is where you live, grow up and feel safe. Where you can look however you want, and you can act as crazy as you possibly can! (if you want!)
Home can also be VERY comfortable because you know where everything is, you have a very comfy bed, a couch, some chairs and you can even build awesome forts out of boxes and blankets. You can have playdates and sleepovers and birthdays with your very best friends and most importantly…. family! Family is all you have and all you need to complete a perfect HOME!
I love my home because I have family there and also two cats and they are so cute and fluffy. They are named Trinity and Pepper. I have moved a lot but I still remember all my homes!

By: AS