Grade 4


House versus Home

There is a difference between a house, and a home, and today, I am going to tell you that difference.

To me, a home is a place where I was raised. A home is where you throw parties like the time I threw a party on Christmas because I don’t celebrate it. We thought that maybe we could have some fun. As I thought, the party went amazing!
A home is a place where you can work, play, and have fun. A home is a place what some people don’t have, it is sad, but it is true, that is why we should be thankful for what we call, a home. A home is a place where you keep prizes like trophies, medals and badges. Also, it is a place where you keep memories.

Memories that are very special to you, like the time when I first moved into the house, I was very excited. Also, like the time when it was my 5th birthday, my parents got me the best gift a child could wish for. I was very happy. A home is a place where you have family traditions. Traditions like, going to people’s houses or having family game or movie nights. My family traditions are when me or my sister get good grades, my mom lets us buy something or go somewhere special.

I love my home because it is where I live. Also, it is the place where I store all of my special memories of my family. This is what makes a house, a home.