Grade 4


House versus Home

You have a house,so as your friends and relatives. Some people don’t even have a house or a home, Even in your neighbourhood.

You can help by donating money to the poor and with the money you donate it builds a house for the poor.

With the money you donate the poor can buy a house for a cheep price.

How would you feel today if you didn’t have a home. If I didn’t I would be really sad so sad that I would not.

I like my home because I pranked my Dad when he came back from work. When he came in he was soaking wet. I tried not to laugh but I couldn’t control it. So I bust out laughing.Then he caught me and he said; you were the one that dropped the water balloon on me.

My most favorite memory is when we had a huge water gun fight.My family and I were all soaking wet. It lasted from the afternoon to evening.It really was soaking fun.My brother won the water gun fight. boy next time I will stump him for sure.