Grade 4


House and Home

A house is a place where you make memories. You can eat food, read books, play games or play with toys. In the winter you can feel all cozy and warm, play soccer in your yard or ride your bike in the neighbourhood. A home is a place where you can share memories and make more with the people around you. A home makes you feel special. You are loved at home. You can have fun with family and friends. You can spread the joy or share the love at home. You can relax, you can just be yourself because you are safe and cared for at home. A home is a place where you can pray to God and God will always be listening and if you mess up like 3 billion times, you are always loved. But does everyone have a home? That answer is a sad answer because it is no. In the future, I hope it’s a happier answer for more people. But God’s home is the best home of all and it’s free to be a part of.