Grade 6

New Brunswick

Honey i’m home!

Have you ever had a day were your eyelids feel like they weigh ten zillion pounds! Every time you open them they slam shut again, and you start to doze off. You could try to stop it but there is no point because it is impossible! Well I was having one of those days and I couldn’t wait to get home and flop onto my bed, cuddle up to my fleece blankets and snuggle up to my two fluffy dogs.
The yellow school bus screeched to a halt! I could hear people talking in the background as I stood up and walked down the slim bus isle. The bus driver nodded at me the way bus drivers do. I hopped of the bus and sprinted home with each and every ounce of energy I had left in me. I unlocked my front door, I dropped my bag and the door slammed behind me. I ran up the stairs and let my dogs out they followed me down the hall and into my bed room. I lifted them up one by one and dropped them onto my soft cozy bed. I sprawled across my bed and began to think.
I am very lucky to have a home. I wish everyone in the world did but sadly that’s not the case. Not everyone has a place to call home, I personally think that everyone should have the experience of having a home because a home is an amazing place because home is a place to smile, to cry, to laugh and to make memories a place to love and be loved! A very common mistake is that people think a house is a home but it is not .A home can could be a condo a cottage or town house, because what a home really is a safe place where you feel comfortable to be yourself!

When I was younger I used to think that everyone had a home because it was just normal for me, my neighbors had homes my friends had homes everyone I knew had a home too. When I started to get older I realized not everything thing was as perfect as I had thought, I started to realize not everyone did have a home. But I suppose they all did at one point in their lives. That is something to really think about because when you see a homeless person on the streets you think there weird or there is something wrong with them but there is not. Really they’re just normal people like us who lost their home or they were never lucky enough to have one in the first place.
When our teacher told me we were writing this essay it really made me think A LOT about the true meaning of home and having the privilege to have a safe home to live in. When you think about it were super lucky to live in homes! Since I was little my mom has been telling me “it doesn’t matter where you live or how big your home is because homes can come in any shape or size because a home is a home!” I think home is an amazing place and I don’t know what or where I would be today if I didn’t have the home and the loving accepting family I have!!