Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home,Sweet Home

“Ow my feet hurt! Slow down!” I shout to my brother who is about four feet in front of me. “No” he responded. Panting like a dog on a blazing hot day I managed to say “Fine.” Once we get home, I get a bagel and put it in the toaster. My home will always have bagels and loads of other food. Uhg I’m so mad at my brother for making me jog from BCMS to my house! Even though my brother and I fight a lot, I will always love him same as the rest of my wonderful family. I know my home will always be safe when it is storming outside and any other time.
My house is two stories with a basement. We are a family of five with a crazy dog. We all have our own room. My brother is 13 so you can just imagine how that is, my sister is 8 and I’m stuck smack in the middle. We are getting renovations therefore, all I here is hammering and movement outside. We also have a trampoline that is amazing for me to work on my gymnastics skills.
My house is usually a crazy place especially at night! It is super busy and noisy. There is only one night a week where there is nothing going on! There is always clutter on the floor and counter, for example, paper, pencils, pen and homework, food when I need it and do not forget about the massive amount of noise. I just love the cold floor on my bare like a baby’s feet! In fact, it makes my spine shiver!
My home is not flowers and giggles. We fight, mostly my brother, sister and I but my home and family will always have a place in my heart. Not to worry, my home is normally pretty happy but like I said, we definitely argue. Particularly about who is going to walk the dog, what is for dinner and (my parents think) too much time on devices.
I cannot even describe what my family and home means to me. I just love them so extremely much. I will always make sure to share everything with my family and I certainly would not be able to take this journey without them. My home is so wonderfully awesome! But what’s the point of having a house without a family? I know I would not be able to survive, could you?