Grade 6



In a house there’s usually violence and anger. Looking at a home there’s peace and joy. Using arms and hands for hugging and helping is what happens in a home. In a house kids and parents would yell at each other, but homes are the opposite. All homes have kindness and everyone speaks to each other. In a home there’s always warmth. When coming home from school there’s a sweet smell of supper being made. When in a house its not as cozy or pleasant as a home. There’s always comfort in a home because there are things that make you feel at home. When walking down the street its comforting to see your home. Houses have four walls and is always empty, unlike a home there’s joy, love, and compassion too.
In a house its usually cold. Sometimes a house wouldn’t have warmth because there’s no love. No matter what happens in life no one will ever destroy a home.