Grade 5


Homes That Can Be Anywhere

A home can be loads of fighting and scolding. Even some people are homeless, having no food, all going to die and perish.
A home can’t always be fighting and scolding, just think positive, a home can sound like laughing, the T.V, a home can be anything, anywhere. A home can be these things, a place where you yell, fight, argue, hurt, injure, or laugh, love, hug, smile, rest and everything else.
My experience with home is pretty amazing and horrible at the same time. How?
Well… Sometimes, I have to do difficult, hard, chores, And on the bright side, I get
food, clothing, T. Vs, games and etc.
A home can be anything you imagine, dream, think of. A home can be your own world, in your own place. Some people need help building up their own world, own kingdom, own place.
If people are homeless, what about their children? Their children can’t go to school, high school, university, or even college, because they need a home to rest, do homework, eat,

A home can be you with your friend, it doesn’t have to be a building with your style in your opinion.

A home is where you keep your harsh and beautiful memories. Everyone’s homes are unique and are antiques. These are homes that can be anything, anywhere and can be built anytime.