Grade 6


Home’s Meaning

Home is a place I can let everything go and off of my shoulders. Home is where wonderful memories will be made until I’m older. My home is a place where I feel loved and safe. My home is where I will be encouraged and filled with faith.

My home has a living room that isn’t just a room. Its family, memories and love all in one. The memories are made throughout the house on the floor on the walls on the roof.

There is the smell of fresh bread in the kitchen being made. Its not just the smell, it’s the chaos that makes this wonderful house a home. The mess of flour on the floor everywhere. People are moving around whining and sock skating.

There are so many places in my home including my bedroom. My room is my place to relax and put all of the rowdiness behind me. My room is where I store all of my belongings to keep them safe. My room is special.
Without the craziness and memories this home would be a house, but with it my house is my home.