Grade 4


Homes, houses and much more!

My home is so warm, as warm as a fluffy blanket, A house on the other hand can be kinda scary, it is missing a couple things which are love, happiness, family and the specialness. A house is a building that can turn into a home if you have people who love and care about you. Have you ever moved? If you have, you will understand more. When you walk up to the door you’ll be like, this place is scary, but in about 3 months you will adjust to the house and hopefully it will become a home. A home is where you have fun, you laugh, cry and play games with your family. A home is where you feel safe, comfy and special. A home is where you have a good sleep. Home is where you can say “home sweet home”. When you’re on a vacation and you’re at a hotel you don’t get good sleep but like I said you have better sleep when you’re home. Home is where you make good memories and you know when you’re home because you just feel it. Home is where you don’t have to pretend to be happy. Home is where your dreams come true! There are many people who don’t have houses. I always feel protected when I am home. Once I heard about this contest I wanted to do it right away. I feel bad when I see kids in the street sometimes I put myself in their perspective and think I am soooooo lucky even to have a home.